Plan your Employee Time-off

Customizable Leave Types

Tailor your employee leave types based on your company’s leave policy. Categorize each leave type in terms of Entitlement, Carry Forward and Quantum of leave. Easily manage your organisation work-week calendar.

Year End Processing

No additional works at year ends. Easy to complete your year end calculations of lapsing leave, leave encashment, carry forward and much more. Hawkpayroll provides a smooth transition of all your works to the next financial year.

Floater Holidays

Delight your employees by allowing them, not to miss their special occasions. Hawkpayroll lets you to specify floater holiday for employees. You can also set the limit for number of holidays.

Define your own Holiday list

Prepare your own holiday list for your organisation with Hawk Payroll. Define the public and restricted holidays for employees.

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